Rogue UN Official Reveals Obama Behind ‘Historic Coup’ To Forcibly Remove Trump From Office RIGHT NOW

Barack Obama has had a difficult time accepting the fact that he’s not the President anymore.

He was trying so hard to hold on to the power he gained during his presidency and to remove Trump with his resistance movement.

Since then, he’s bееn holding diplomatic meetings with may world leaders, which is a violation to the Logan Act and a serious federal crime.

As Obama tries to maintain his power over Donald Trump, the United Nations revealed that Obama is actively engaging in the first coup d’état in American History against a sitting president. These past few weeks, his tour to Asia has been an excuse to bash President Donald Trump’s policies to world leaders around the world.

He was seen with the president of China Xi Jinping, following Trump’s visit a few weeks ago. After this he flew to France claiming that the United States are suffering from a “temporary absence of American leadership.” While he was in India, he mocked Donald Trump with a teenage girl-like jab, ѕaying that he has more fans than Trump on twitter.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, his “Bash Donald Trump World Tour” is a result of his jealousy of Donald Trump holding the office he once had. The former ambassador of the United Nations John Bolton, revealed that all of this is on purpose and that Obama is actively trying to overthrow Trump’s Administration.

“Lou Dobbs and Ambassador Bolton discussed the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt and Barack Obama’s latest tour across Asia to attack sitting President Trump. “…this is the first coup d’état in American History,” Bolton stated.  “It’s a mini coup d’état but it goes right along with the idea that they (liberals) should have won the election..They are trying to prove the administration is illegitimate,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

What Obama is trying to do can be considered as a federal crime that could land him 20 years behind bars. While he’s mocking Donald Trump with other leaders, he’s violating the Logan Act.

“The Logan Act enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The intent behind the Act is to prevent unauthorized negotiationѕ from undermining the government’s position.”

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