Pelosi Attacks Trump, Gets Massive Dose Of Karma When She Sees Who Is On Her Property

Nancy Pelosi is certainly keeping up appearances as the leader of the opposing force against President Donald Trump. In fact, she proved that just recently by attacking the president, despite him making huge, positive strides for our country. However, Pelosi would get a massive dose of karma as voters spotted the “odd” thing on her property in California.

The Democrat Party is really unraveling these days. As millions of Americans continue to wake up to their partisan tactics, it’s only a matter of time before the party collapses like Hillary Clinton. Sadly, it seems that they don’t care about this reality as they continue to oppose President Trump simply out of spite.

In fact, they’re demonstrating this most recently as Trump has since shifted his focus to border security. Currently, he’s been able to unshackle agencies tasked with enforcing our immigration laws such as Border Patrol and The Department of Homeland Security.

Of course, the effects were immediately noticed, as morale in both these departments shot up as government employees were once again able to do their jobs. However, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to making America as secure as possible.

Since Trump’s election, we’ve also seen rightful deportations finally taking place as the administration decided to target those who had broken the law a second time after coming to America illegally. In an attempt to fulfill a campaign promise, he’s once again set his gaze upon the porous border and the promise of an impenetrable wall.

After making the announcement that the administration would now be looking at immigration reform and border security, Democrats threw a giant temper tantrum, as usual. However, it seems that their fuss is mostly over the fact that Trump’s put an end date on DACA, essentially forcing Democrats to the table, which they especially don’t like.

In the end, they’ve begun to once again attack every single thing that Trump is doing, despite the fact that they’ve agreed with similar policies in the past. So, who exactly is leading the charge? Well, today, it’s the old wing bat, Nancy Pelosi.

In fact, the House Minority Leader took to Twitter in order to say that Americans reject Trump’s “immoral and hateful obsession with building a wall on the border.” Too bad for her, that’s not true as he likely wouldn’t have gotten elected if no one supported it – but that fact was the least of her worries.

Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, it seems that calling the wall a “symbol of hate” was all that Americans needed to enact their own massive dose of karma on the woman. Come to find out, there is something in front of her California estate right now that has left voters downright speechless.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul own a vineyard on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena, California. However, what the past-her-prime politician won’t be telling you anytime soon is that she has a wall keeping unwelcomed visitors off of her property, which is valued somewhere between $5,000,001 and $25 million.

Here’s the dirty little secret she doesn’t want you to know about:

And, here’s another angle:

“Note the tennis court and multiple buildings on the property. Note, too, the fence across the driveway,” The American Mirror points out. “How exclusive! How oppressive! How…hateful?”

If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want people to come onto her property without permission and has put physical blockades on her estate in order to prevent this, then why can’t America do that as well? Democrats have always been known to be the biggest hypocrites in this country, but the fuss they’re putting up over this wall is beyond asinine.

My guess is, every one of the rich punks in Congress who’s attacking President Donald Trump also has something similar around their multi-million estates as well. It’s a shame to think that this low-class trash represents the fine men and women of America.

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