Group blocks street near Portland federal courthouse to protest Kavanaugh nomination

PORTLAND, Ore. – A group of people opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the Supreme Court protested by stopping traffic in downtown Portland Thursday morning.

The demonstrators were lying in the road, blocking drivers at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Their bodies spelled out the words “stop him.”

The protesters released the following list of their demands:

  • “Stop appointing people who have committed sexual assault or harassment to the Supreme Court”
  • “Stop using the U.S. Senate, the courts and our justice system to silence women or to allow violence against women to continue.”
  • “Stop using the justice system to prop up rich, white men while criminalizing and victimizing the rest of us because of our race, our gender, our immigration status or because we are poor.”

The FBI’s findings into sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh was released Thursday.

After reading the investigation, Senate Republicans say there is no corroborating evidence, but Senate Democrats feel the investigation is incomplete.

Three women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. One of them, Christine Blasey Ford, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27

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