BREAKING: FBI Informant Has Just Been Revealed In The Biggest Scandal In Recent US History

We are now receiving reportѕ that back in 2013 Carter Page was working as an undercover employee for the FBI. It seems that he was assisting the FBI in building a case against Evgeny Buryakov. We now know that in March 2016, Page was an FBI informant which lead to a guilty plea from Buryakov. In 2013 the U.S. Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, officially indicted a Ruѕsian Operative Evgeny Buryakov.

“Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced that EVGENY BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” pled guilty today to conspiring to act in the United States as an agent of the Russian Federation, without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.

[…] The FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company. In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices.”

In 2016 Reuters published a story based on the ongoing court case explaining court records and how the FBI built their case against Buryakov. Reuters went on to detail the FBI UCE-1 (Under-Cover Employee) with sharp detail.

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – The FBI eavesdropped on meetings involving Russian intelligence personnel in New York City, including a suspected spy posing as a trade representative, by hiding recorders in binders containing supposedly confidential information about the energy sector, U.S. prosecutors said.

The hours of clandestine accounts from 2013 were unveiled in papers documented in Manhattan government court on Tuesday on account of Evgeny Buryakov, a Russian native who U.S. prosecutors say acted like an investor while taking an interest in a Cold War-style spy ring.

According to prosecutors, in April 2012, Sporyshev met an undercover FBI employee posing as an analyst at a New York energy firm at an oil and gas industry conference.

Over the next two years, they met to discuss the industry and other economic and political issues, prosecutors said, with Sporyshev providing gifts and cash for information.

In 2013, the FBI employee began providing Sporyshev with the binders containing purported industry analysis he wrote, supporting documents, and “covertly placed recording devices,” prosecutors wrote.”

April 2017. The New York Times while writing a story about Carter Page and at the same time trying to set up the fake Democrat created Russia collusion narrative outlined Page’s connections to the Trump campaign. And at the same time, they also went on to references Page’s prior link to the Buryakov case. If you ignore the narrative, you discover the UCE1 deѕcription is Carter Page.

“Russian intelligence operatives tried in 2013 to recruit an American businessman and eventual foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign who is now part of the F.B.I. investigation into Russia’s interference into the American election, according to federal court documents and a statement issued by the businessman.

The businessman, Carter Page, met with one of three Russians who was eventually charged with being undeclared officers with Russia’s foreign intelligence service, known as the S.V.R.

The FBI interviewed Page in 2013 as part of an investigation into the spy ring but decided that he had not known the man was a spy, and the bureau never accused Mr. Page of wrongdoing.

The court documents say that Mr. Page, who founded an investment company in New York called Global Energy Capital, provided documents about the energy business to one of the Russians. […] To record their conversations, the F.B.I. inserted a listening device into binders that were passed to the Russian intelligence operatives during an energy conference, according to a former United States intelligence official.”

Consider The Times article from 2017 against the scenery of the Reuters article from 2016. Presently mull over the DOJ discharge from 2016. It is more than clear that Carter Page was the covert representative for the FBI in 2013. Carter Page was working for the FBI. Page was the “expert from a New York-based vitality organization” who “started furnishing Sporyshev with the fasteners.”

In 2017 the New York Times used info from “a former intelligence official,“ alludes to the narrative that the FBI/Page connection. The NY Times attempts to change the entire relationship between Carter Page and the FBI. On October 21st, 2016 the FBI claimed to a FISA court to gain a “Title I” surveillance warrant, and that Carter Page was working on behalf of a foreign government against the US.

Carter Page was working for them as an FBI undercover employee in 2013 and remained the primary FBI witness through May of 2016.

Was Page working as an FBI undercover employee who was responsible for busting of a high-level Russian agent in 2013? Was he still an employee throughout the court case until May of 2016? How can it be that on October 21, 2016, he was put under a FISA Title 1 ѕurveillance warrant as an alleged Russian agent when he was allegedly working for candidate Trump?

Perhaps he wasn’t working for the DOJ or the FBI, and they knew he wasn’t. The DOJ-NSD and FBI possibly lied to get the warrant.

Conservative Treehouse reportѕ:

“The entire FISA Title I surveillance authority over Carter Page was cover, most likely retroactive cover, for the DOJ and FBI conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign.

The DOJ-National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Unit didn’t care about Page because to them he was a useful tool. It wasn’t Page they needed, per se’, they just needed someone, anyone, who had contact with the Trump campaign that they could apply the label “foreign agent” upon. The DOJ/FBI just needed someone they could position to gain the FISA “Title I” surveillance approval that would retroactively make all prior campaign surveillance legal. Who Carter Page was simply checked the right boxes.

Page wasn’t a “plant”, or a “participant”, he was a useful body upon which they could attach a label to justify their surveillance and monitoring. Nothing more.

Carter Page testified to the House Intelligence Committee that DOJ-FBI officials leaked his identity, his role in the Buryakov case, to the media. This is secondary and direct confirmation from Page himself that he was indeed the FBI UCE-1″

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